Helmets for Hero Maestro Edge

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Helmets for Hero Maestro Edge

Helmets protect from major injuries, withheld damages and heavy burden, airflow for ease breathing, UV protective visor to protect against harmful radiation, also available in various colors.

Helmets are essential for riders safeness. Many people usually feel uneasy to wear it, it is because it causes suffocation and heats up the whole body. to avoid this scenario, the helmets for Hero Maestro Edge comes up with the airflow technology and UV protective visors. The external shield also made it strong and can handle any burden. They are even rare cases of damages and scratches. It has an excellent locking system which made it easy to unlock anytime.

  • Airflow technology
  • Uv protective visor
  • Easy to lock system
  • Eliminates suffocation
  • Avoids major injuries
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