Honda Activa 4G Helmet

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Saves your life, available in various patterns and colors that goes well with Honda Activa 4G.

A helmet is a form of protective gear that protects the head from injuries. Strong outer shell with high impact thermoplastic handles heavy burden. Ventilation is provided with air-flow technology that circulates fresh air during the ride. Scratch resistant and UV protective visor to enable the cleat view of the road. For the safe night rides, rear reflector are equipped which avoids major accidents at night, Easy to lock mechanism with better comfort. Use helmets to safeguard your lives.

  • Strong outer shell
  • Excellent airflow technology
  • Scratch-free visor
  • UV protective visor
  • Easy to lock mechanism
  • ISI Approved
  • Lightweight
  • Rear Reflectors for safe night rides


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