Honda Activa 5G Floor Mat

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Honda Activa 5G Floor Mat

Floor Mats for Honda Activa 5G adds an extra layer of friction. Floorless mats look dull and unfinished, therefore use floor mats for preventing rust, dust particles, rainwater to affect the bike. 

The All-New Honda Activa 5G scooter has come up with its unique features which is beneficial to the rider. Floormat keeps the floor of the bike away from dust, rainwater, and other stains. It comes waterproof and hence avoids rainwater to get inside which in turn causes to rust the internal engine parts. Matless bike looks unfinished and dull and makes to lose the whole contrast of the bike. Therefore usage of mats enhances the look of the bike and provides extra grip to the rider on the sudden brakes with comfortable foot resting place for the rider. Use floor mat for Honda Activa 5G for the comfortable and stylish ride. 

  • Anti-skid
  • Quick delivery
  • Provides enough gripes
  • Enhances the look of the scooter
  • Waterproof (avoids rusting)
  • Extra layer of friction
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Easy to fit
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