New Maruti Swift Reverse Parking Sensor

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New Maruti Swift Reverse Parking Sensor

Wireless Reverse System, Safety Enhancement, Colored LED Display, Ultrasonic Sensors. Helps to prevent a car from the collision.

New Maruti Swift gets its Reverse Parking Sensor in its upgraded version. 
  • Helps to prevent a car from the collision.
  • Helps to provide increased safety of passengers, pedestrians who happen to be around the moving vehicle.
  • Detect small children and low walls as well
  • Wireless Reverse System - Unlike ordinary cabled backup radar system, the PEMENOL reverse system offers refined wireless backup radar system, which is wireless from the host to the LED display for fun installation and fewer wires troubles.
  • Safety Enhancement - Compared to the reverse systems that cost about $15, you’ll appreciate the safety enhancement by PEMENOL. When the parking sensors detect obstacles getting closer, the beep sound will get louder and intenser for timely warning, which helps to prevent collision accidents.
  • Colored LED Display - Composed of 3 brilliant colors (green, yellow and red), PEMENOL reverse system has this digital LED display, which shows the distance (0-2m) between the car and the obstacles. This easy-to-read LED display also beeps sounds in 3 alarm modes to give timely warning during your driving.
  • Ultrasonic Sensors - Made of superior materials (anti-freeze, waterproof, and anti-shake), PEMENOL ‘s 4 ultrasonic parking sensors can be installed at the rear bumper for enhanced coverage and better detection.
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