Studds Professional Full Face Helmet

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Studds Professional Full Face Helmet

It is ISI approved, engineered with thermoplastic outer shell for better durability, quick to remove chin strap for easy of operation, it's polycarbonate silicon visor prevents from scratches or cracks, its unpainted finishing look keeps it unique and prevents from scratch, aerodynamic design of outer shell makes your view of the road more clear and visible

Studd Professional, comes up the the unpainted special texture which prevents from scratches. Outer shell is integrated with high impact grade of thermoplastic which is responsible for the better durability. It's polycarbonate silicon visor ensures the scratch resistant property. Chin strap is made easily functionable for the safety purpose. Front ventilation are also integrated to achieve the better air flow technology and also rear view are implemented for high visibility during night rides. Aerodynamic shell guarantees the better view of the road while riding. Wear helmet, it keeps away your hell mate.


  • ISI approved
  • Scratch resistant shell and visor
  • Aerodynamic shell for the clear view of roads
  • Ventilation for airflow, to keep yourself cool and pleasant
  • Rear view provides better visibility during night rides
  • Quick removable strap for ease of operation
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