Studds Troy Sporting Half Helmet

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Studds Troy Sporting Half Helmet

These helmets are usually used when a rider has to hurry up for any events. A half helmet would additionally be lighter. It's smaller than the complete face helmet and that's why it's lighter to hold around or wear. It is engineered with thermoplastic shell for better durability. It's polycarbonate visor keeps it scratch resistant. It has enhanced quality and its paint is UV resistant which keeps the color from fading away.

Stud Troy available in various colourswhich also adds on to our trending world. It's outer shell is engineered with the high impact thermoplastic, which protects our head from major injuries. The optically true injected polycarbonate visor duly silicon hard coat provides scratch resistance properties, which makes our ride clear. Quick release chin strap integrated for easy removable strap. High quality and its paint is UV resistance, which its colour away from fading away. Storage can be easier and light weighted, which makes our ride smoother. Since it's half faced, wind blow on our face would makes us feel pleasant and comfortable. Wear helmet, it keeps away your hell mate.


  • Thermoplastic outer shell for better durability.
  • Scratch resistant due to the polycarbonate visor duly silicon hard coat.
  • Quick release chin strap for safety.
  • High quality and UV resistant paint technology.
  • Easy storage
  • Visually appealing without any burden
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