Tata Tiago Car Cover (Eco)

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Tata Tiago Car Cover (Eco)

Tata Tiago protects and keeps away from extreme heat which causes to rust the body of the car. This echo friendly car cover holds good for economically imbalanced people who wants to protect their vehicle from various environmental threats.

Tata Tiago Car Cover protects from various environmental threats with economic friendly clothing withbest price. Front & Rear Elastic gives perfect grip on the car without been rubing on the surface. Durable and Dust resistant material protects your vehicle against dusty climatic conditions. Hi-performance fabric naturally resists moisture, fungus and expels stale odor. 

  • Very light and easily handled
  • Matches body profile perfectly
  • Light-resistant
  • Protection against snow, dirt, dust, bird drops and heat/cold
  • Made breathable to allow trapped heat and moisture to escape from beneath the car cover
  • Elasticized bottom tight around the base of your vehicle
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