Vega Cliff Full Face Helmet

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Vega Cliff Full Face Helmet

Vega Cliff Helmets are ISI approved, lightweight and comes with scratch resistant visor and highly comfortable. May be this sounds usual, but this are major factors which defines a good quality helmet.

Usually people think wearing helmet is an additional burden, so it is important to buy a helmet which is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Vega Cliff ensures extreme comfortability since it has variants in size and a rider can choose the one which fits in better. Wearing full faced actually prevents from dangerous situation. Scratch resistance for the visor and helmets, this makes it highly durable. Best fit, compact design and light weighted which makes them look good and feel good. As per the quality, it is ISI approved. If you are tight on budget Vega Cliff is a good choice. Wear helmet, it keeps away your hell mate.


  • ISI approved.
  • Scratch resistant visor.
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene outer shell
  • Best fit,designs and light weighted
  • Full faced helmet
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