Vega Crux Half Face Helmet

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Vega Crux Half Face Helmet

Leather finish gives it an awesome look. Good ventilation for the air circulation, chin strap has a proper lock mechanism, Aerodynamic shell which enhances the greater visibility. Visor can be easily fitted in case of any damage.

Wearing a helmet is always a burden for riders, but Vega Crux is integrated with the ventilation which helps the air to circulate and avoids irritation during your ride. It's leather finishing touch and texture finish keeps us visually appealing. Chin strap easy to use lock mechanism, holds the helmet firm which prevents from major injuries. Visors can be easily installed in case of any damage or crack. It's aerodynamic shell keeps the view clear and visible. Wear helmet, it keeps away your hell mate.


  • Fine leather and texture finish
  • Easy visor fitting
  • Chin strap with proper lock mechanism
  • Aerodynamic shell for better view
  • Ventilation for the air circulation
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